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New Earth 5d | Building the new earth

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New Earth 5D

Experience a revolutionary approach to sharing information, transforming how knowledge is exchanged by seamlessly integrating digital and physical realms.

Our Mission

Connect Humanity

NE5D is crafting shared experiences that bring individuals and communities together, fostering connections that redefine collaboration and unity in the digital age.

Digitize Assets

New Earth 5D redefines asset interaction by offering a digital layer to physical environments, enhancing user engagement with a fusion of the real and virtual worlds.

Empower Businesses

Our NE5D platform, leveraging AI, 3D visualization, and immersive technologies, elevates customer and client experiences across industries while empowering businesses to manage process flows, tasks, employees, and inventory efficiently in a single, seamless environment.

Founder | CEO

Meet Mayan Metzler

Mayan Metzler is a visionary entrepreneur with a 25-year track record in innovative business leadership, including the successful founding and management of German Kitchen Center and OYA New Earth.

At the helm of New Earth 5D, Mayan pioneers the integration of physical and digital worlds to revolutionize information sharing and user interaction through advanced technologies. As the architect of NE5D technology, his vision extends beyond conventional boundaries, presenting a transformative platform that integrates with Google Maps, providing users with a multi-dimensional experience of space and information.


The Platform

A new era

Our platform revolutionizes how users and businesses interact with the digital realm, offering a seamless blend of personalization and innovation. Create your account and profile to connect with friends and delve into an interactive map where creativity unfolds through customizable tiles. These tiles, whether for storytelling, information, or media showcases, can embed images, text, and 3D scans, enriched by AI.



Basic Features



Extra Features



All Features

Immersive. Interactive. Innovative.

The Team

Mayan Metzler

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Kahlil Calavas

Director of Technical Operations

Natanel Benisti

Chief Financial Officer

Joe Zoccali

Chief Operating Officer

Sina Sadeghi

Lead Full Stack Developer

Gal Davidi

Senior Full Stack Developer

Maddie Bruins

Executive Assistant


Marketing Specialist

Minu Sadeghi

Branding Expert

Benjam Barshi

Installations Manager

"As an event organizer, incorporating NE5D technology has been a game-changer. The augmented reality features added a layer of interactivity that truly wowed our attendees. It's not just an event; it's an experience now."

– Rehaan Whitfield –

"In our kitchen showroom, NE5D's digital overlays have revolutionized how customers visualize their spaces. They can now see and interact with design possibilities in real-time, which has significantly boosted our sales and customer satisfaction."

– Kason Espinosa –

"Integrating NE5D into our real estate tours has transformed the way clients view properties. The rich, interactive layers provide an unparalleled depth of detail, making every virtual showing as compelling as being there in person."

– Angela Charlton –

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